NEW!!! Studio A is now in Marcillac Vallon, Aveyron, France!!! Still some work to do but it's fully functionnal!

-Mac Pro 8 core 2.93Ghz / 32Gb Ram / 2*500Gb, 1*750Gb SSD for soundbanks / 1*256Gb SSD for system / 8To for work and backup
-32" LG monitor
-Macbook Pro 2.93Ghz
-2*UAD 2 Octo
-Metric Halo 2882 dsp+ 2dCard
-Audio Kontrol
-Monitoring 2*Yamaha NS-10, Sub Klipsch
-3*HS7 monitors for 5.1
-SM PRO Audio Nano Patch +
-Mackie 1202 original
-Mic MXL V67G Custom
-Akai MPK261
-2 M-Audio usb keyborads
-EMU Proteus 2000
-Marshall 35W tube amp
-Lag 4 seasons and The Beast
-Ibanez SR-800 bass w/ Hep Cat pickups
-Greco Jazz Bass
-Godin electro acoustic classic 1st edition
-Mesa Boogie V-Twin preamp
-Ukulele soprano Stagg

-Logic Pro X
-Ableton Live

-Native Instruments Komplete 10 Ultimate
-Cinebrass Core/Pro
-Heavyocity Aeon collection Gravity and Ensembles kits
-Soundiron Olympus elements, voices of Gaia/Rapture, Crystal, Drip, High School Drums Corp,  Rust3, Waterharp, Lakeside Organ, Ambius, Cube
-Spitfire Audio eDNA
-Embertone Intimate Strings
-LASS Full
-Orchestral Tools all solo woodwinds
-Spectrasonics Omnisphere2, Stylus RMX
-Arturia V Collection
-8DIO Misfits and Prepared Grand
-EWQL Complete Composer Collection
-Chris Hein Horns, Geosonics, Chipsounds, BitrateII, Evolution Series World Percussions
-Musical Sampling Soaring Strings

-UAD Analog Classics(1176, LA-2A, Pultec)/Fairchild/EMT250/EMT140/Ocean Way/Manley Voxbox Massive & VariMu/Studer800/Neve88RS/Neve1081/API Vision Channel/SSL4000, Waves Native Gold/ JJP Analog Legends/Shoeps 73/J37, SK Note SDC/Disto/Soundbrigade, WavesFactory TrackSpacer,  Millennia TCL-2, Vertigo VSC-2, DMG Limitless